Our Quality Control System

You pay a service to maintain the cleaning standard in your building. Environment Control knows that consistent quality does not just happen . . . it is produced. Our Quality Control System has been fine-tuned for over 40 years to provide the maximum value for your cleaning budget . . . consistently.

Inspection Reports
The quality of service is regularly checked by our staff after the cleaning is complete. Over 40 specific items are visually inspected and rated based on the cleaning standard for your building. You receive a copy of this report for your records.

Quality Control Reports
At least once a quarter you rate the quality of our service in ten specific categories. We provide the form, or you can use our online Quality Control Report for an immediate response.

Personal Visits
We take the initiative to visit your building during the day. That allows our staff to do a daylight walk-through, check the equipment and supplies, and be available to discuss your needs.
The combination of these written communication tools combined with good, "old-fashioned" personal contact means we manage the quality so you do not need to. That is what you are paying us for, and that is what we do.
Our Key to Success has Always been - "Consistency"